About Me.....

I am a junior at the University of South Alabama, where I am pursuing a degree in Secondary Education. Language Arts has always been a favorite of mine, so I decided to enter this field.
Once home from school, my busy job begins. I am a mother of two boys who keep me on my toes. From nightly homework, art lessons, and ballgames, we are pretty much an on-the-go family.
I have always worked in retail in the past, but decided I wanted to follow my love for children. In the back of my mind, I knew that I had a heart for teaching, but it was not until now that I knew which direction I should go.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


No matter how aggravating a child may seem to you, remember they have feelings, too. I hope to be a positive role model for all of my students, not just a certain few. I will not be a teacher who shows favoritism over another. I remember incidents where things like this happened, and it really harmed the student. I want to be the teacher where the student can be him/her self without feeling like they have to pretend, in order for me to except them.


I cannot express the importance of a parent involvement with their child, teacher, and school. Open communication with the teacher and school can make such a difference in a child's learning. Parent/teacher conferences, these days are not enough. Get involved in the parent/teacher organization (PTO), where you will be informed not only with the child's class, but the entire school. On the teacher side of things, a class blog can be set up for the students and parents to view. This blog can inform the student and the parent about upcoming events, homework, and exam dates. For the parent, you have to want the child to learn. Take out time and be concerned! You need to be involved with the school and your child. Remember we both want what is best for the child.

Not Being Afraid

As a teacher, I may not have all of the answers. I will try my hardest to provide students with as much information as I can. I will not be afraid to tell the students that I do not know the answer to that question, but will find out the answer as soon as I can. I will take the challenge of finding out the answers that they need to know. We are all in a learning setting, so I would think it would be great for the students to see their teacher having to research. Part of the student/teacher relationship should be honesty. I will not pretend to know things when I do not. We all have to learn-we are not born knowing everything! I feel the students will respect you even more when they know teachers are constantly learning, too.

Technology in the Classroom

Thanks to Dr. Strange, I can now say that I am preparing for the use of technology in the classroom. Before his class, I would not have ever thought about using some technology tools involving my students. I most recently learned hot to Skype, and I thought it was the coolest thing. It was all free, too! Also, in his class, I have learned to blog. This is definately a tool that I will want to use to correspond with my students and their parents. You can post their homework assignments, events that will be coming up, and exam dates. I have learned about social networking, such as Facebook. Facebook has been great to get in touch with old friends and other classmates that I have now. I have always watched other people's slideshows, but now I can create my own with Google Docs. Boy, the things you can incorporate with your class is amazing!

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe to be a teacher you have to have a love for your students and a love for your job. Each day is a new challenge. You never know what will be done or said to make a difference in a child's life. I have always heard people say that you can always tell a first year teacher from the older ones, by the enthusiasm. This should not be so! I feel this should be a sign no matter how long you have taught. A student does not want to sit in a classroom all day with a dreaded teacher. One needs to be creative and excited to be there. You have got to keep the class interested. I am sure a student will learn much better in an eager atmosphere. My job as a teacher will be to have the child's best interest at hand. As a parent myself, you should always keep your student's parents informed.


Several years ago, I began teaching at a preschool. It was here that I found the love for touching a child's life. Each day brought about new challenges and memories. A little down the road, my husband and I started working with the youth at our church. I found out then that I wanted to teach the ages of junior high and senior high kids. I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it until I had my own children. Then, I was so busy with my own that I did not have the time to put forth with the youth. During this time away from the youth, I started remembering back to my high school days. My favorite teacher was my English teacher. She impacted my life so much that I want to be just like her! She made learning fun and her students were always eager to acquire new knowledge. I hope that my students will feel the same way about me one day.